Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I don't think I love any time of the year more then I love autumn. I get so excited when the nights get shorter, the evenings get cooler, the leaves fall off the trees and I can start to have hot showers again and snuggle under the doonah. It gives me an excited tingly feeling inside and I can't help but smile.

It is no secret that I hate summer and this summer has been no different then any other. I have spent the weeks trying to avoid the heat, getting sweaty and red-faced and having to wear clothes that cover me up while everyone else is wearing singlet tops and little skirts.

I have always been most successful with dieting during autumn and winter. I think it is because I feel happier that I find it easier to eat healthy and exercise. I know this is the complete opposite to how most people feel, but I find summer depressing because all the fun things that summer brings like the beach, swimming, cute dresses and parties feel inaccessessable to me as a fat person. I know that I can do all of these, but I choose not to because I don't have the confidence.

Here is to this autumn and winter being a successful weight loss time for me so that next summer isn't so horrific!


  1. I'm with you on every single word of this post!

    Autumn is my favourite time of the year; and I've been called a freak by so many people because of it.

    I'm just a big useless blob in summer. It serves me NO purpose at all. My energy is drained, and like you said, all of the 'fun summer things' feel out of reach.

    Some thing that other people don't realise is because I have brown skin, I get hot much more quickly than someone with pale skin. Sure, darker skinned people are more burn-resistant, but boy, our darker skin attracts the heat, and I've been to picnics and things where all of the brown skinned people are under the trees and all of the fair skinned people are out in the sun (yep, that obvious. o_0)

    Being fat AND having the skin attract the heat for you plain sucks arse. Though there is light at the end of the tunnel. It does get better, Tully. Having been through this recent summer and comparing it with those previous, I have managed by far the best in this one, and its because my 'natural insulation' is disappearing. :-D

  2. I am the total opposite from you! Here its the winter - with spring time just teasing us yet. I am so waiting for summer - to get outside and get moving. Winter makes me sad, winter makes me eat more. Isn't that something how seasons affect people differently? Take care.


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