Monday, March 12, 2007

Too Fat To Fly?

So in all of my excitement in booking my first overseas trip I forgot one crucial thing. Will I be too fat for the aeroplane seat? Will I have to buy two tickets? Will I need a seat belt extender?

I have only flown two other times in my life, the first time I went to Sydney and I weighed 96 kilos. I could only just get the seat belt on, but it was digging in like nothing else. I had to position it in between my bottom and middle rolls of fat, what is essentially my thinnest point. It was quite a painful plane ride. The second time I was on a plane I went to Townsville and I weighed 126 kilos and the seat belt did not even come close to fitting me. On the way there I put my jacket over my lap and hoped no one would notice that the seat belt didn't fit. On the way back a lovely and discreet air steward handed me an extender and I was so grateful for her kindness and for not embarrassing me.

I am pretty much resigned to the fact that the seat belt won't fit me, but I am just worried that I will have to buy two seats or that someone will say something to me about weight or no one will want to seat next to me.

I hate how everything is scary and difficult when you are fat.


  1. Oh no! This is something I take for granted - I've never had any problem with fitting into a plane seat (thank you, Asian genetics o_0), though I've heard nightmare stories of people who have.

    Its only a three hour flight to New Zealand from Melbourne, so I doubt that anyone next to you will be bothered too much - generally people are grumpier when the flight is much longer. For a three hour flight, I would be horrified if you were asked to buy two seats. On all of the flights I've been on to Australia, everyone swaps around and kids start running up and down the aisles - so hardly anyone stays in their seats anyway!

    You could ask when you check in to be checked into an aisle seat or ask if you can be put right up the front where there are no seats in front of you so there is more space up front (we do this for my Mum, but because she is claustrophobic, and they're pretty accommodating) - you could probably ask them there what the drill is with seatbelt extenders as well, so that you know what to say when you get on the plane.

    Or perhaps you could email the airline and ask, if asking them in person seems too daunting?

  2. I weigh 262 pounds and I fit into the airplane seat. It's a bit snug, especially if you are sitting next to someone else who is the same size. You should be just fine. I always ask for the aisle seat so you have a bit more room to the side and for your feet.

  3. I went to Rome in October (from Canada) and I had this fear too. I was so nervous that I'd get to the airport to check in and they'd tell me I needed to buy another seat and I'd have to come home (because really I couldn't afford the first one) and then everyone I know would say "how was your trip to Rome" and I'd have to say I didn't go because I was too fat. Eesh, can you imagine how awful that would be?

    I think my weight was about where yours is and I'm 5'3" and I fit in the seat and the seatbelt fit around me. So I would say don't worry but I am sure you still will (I know I would).

  4. You won't have to buy two seats!! Your not that big!! I flew at 122 kilos and didn't need one...I couldn't put out the tray out to have the snack they supplied .... but I still fit into the seat...
    Stop worrying and get excited!! Your going overseas!!!!

  5. I am sure that you will be fine! My goodness you are too hard on yourself. There are larger people that fly all the time!!! Focus on having a great trip. Would love to read an update after the trip to see how things went. We are all thinking of ya!


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