Sunday, March 18, 2007

Woman Possessed

It is TTOTM for me at the moment and it has been making me a little bit crazy. I have PCOS and get extremely heavy and painful periods, so my doctor told me that it would be advisable to take the pill and skip the sugar tablets as much as possible so that I don't have to get my period. I know this is not really helping the problem, but getting my period can be so debilitating and I just don't have the time for it.

So this month it was time for me to take the plunge and take the sugar tablets. It has been as bad as I expected, but with a couple of unexpected twists.

Firstly, I weighed myself on Tuesday and I had gained 2 kilos! I was shocked and I am hoping that this is just a side effect of TTOTM. I don't usually weigh myself when I have my period, so I wasn't aware that you could gain so much weight. Well I very much hope that it was because of my period anyway...

Secondly, I have just had this urge to spend money. Normally I am careful with my money and I don't often buy anything for myself except for clothes (and that is only because I have to for work). Over the past few days I have spent hundreds of dollars on random stuff- DVDs, underwear, cutlery, a beach towel, books, drinking glasses. None of which I needed. I have actually been too scared to look at my bank balance today, I don't even know how much I have spent. I have that same fear of my bank balance that I normally have of the scales after a pig out. I only just got paid on Thursday and I get paid monthly, so my next pay isn't until the 15th April and I am already broke! I guess I will be having a quiet few weeks at home until I get paid again...

Thirdly, I got out of bed this morning and banged my shin on the corner of the bed base and I started to cry. It is not like me to cry over nothing, it is not like me to cry at all!

The last side effect is no surprise to anyone and I need only say one word. Chocolate.

I have never really understood how menstruation works so I have never noticed such a dramatic shift in my body and mind before. I cannot wait until it is over with. I just hope those 2 kilos go back to where ever they came from!


  1. I wouldn't be concerned with that gain, although I can understand how it would be such a massive shock for you!

    Most women retain some fluid during their period, and with whose who have PCOS, there are other variables that contribute to the volatility of your weight around the time of your period.

    I don't have PCOS, though my period is just as debilitating as yours sounds - Its incredibly heavy, incredibly painful, and incredibly LONG (mine last at least a week), and this has always been the case ever since I got my period when I was 9.

    Take care of yourself; I know its a difficult time, hang in there! This too shall pass!

  2. My period lasts about three to four days. The first day is the worst. It is so heavy, I almost have to stay home on the toilet it seems like. Anyway, the splurge on shopping - can you take back what you won't use? We all need our days of "free will". I love to shop. Too much sometimes.

  3. I have a spending problem myself .... I am worse when I am on track with my eating..... replacing one problem with another!! lol I can't win.... To be fat or to be broke?? lol
    Don't worry about the gain... fluid!

  4. Try not worry about the gain, I put on 9 lb this month!! That is surely a record. I usually put on about 4 or 5, and it wasn't the eating cos I was saintly this week.

    give it a few days, you'll be fine.


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