Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Weigh In- 22 June

Start: 87.5 kilos (192.5 lbs)
Last week: 85 kilos (187 lbs)
Today: 83.6 kilos (184 lbs)
Loss: - 1.4 kilos (3 lbs)

Total: -3.9 kilos (9 lbs)

It is pretty obvious from my weight loss this week that my band is still way too tight. Over the weekend it seemed to loosen up a little and I could eat mushy foods and get liquids down fine. Even on Monday it was OK, but all of a sudden on Monday afternoon it shut up completely and I couldn't get anything down. It has since been on again, off again all week. Normally the band only tightens up when I am sick, have PMS or I'm anxious, I have never had it randomly tighten and loosen for no reason. Strange...

Earlier in the week when the restriction loosened up I thought I would be fine and wouldn't need an un-fill so I put off making an appointment. I can see now that I will need to get some fill removed regardless because I just can't deal with waking up and discovering I can barely get liquids down today. It is just not the way I want to live so I have made an appointment to get some fill out, but I can't get in for a couple of weeks because I need a Saturday appointment.

The good news is that I have actually been at peace with all these restriction troubles. Normally I end up getting frustrated and pushing the band by trying to eat things I shouldn't. Over the past two weeks I have stuck to liquids and mushy foods and I have stopped eating as soon as it is clear that food isn't going down, instead of persisting and then having to vomit. I have only had to PB once and that was on water when the band first went crazy tight and took me by surprise. I have also managed to stick to no calorie liquids (except protein shakes) and have avoided ice cream and chocolate completely, which is an amazing feat for me!

My head is in the right space at the moment which has helped a great deal in this situation. Seeing the scales go up to close to 90 kilos a month ago when I weighed myself for my 3-year band anniversary really shocked me into action. I could just see that I was in the moment where I could decide if I was going to weigh 130 kilos again or get back down to below 80 kilos. I am just so glad I am focussing my energy on getting my weight back down, rather then back up again.

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  1. Keep up the good work but be careful with a super tight band! I am going in for a slight unfill on Monday because I have been struggling with my ability to eat anything!! xxx


Awww thanks so much for the comment!