Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Weigh In- 15 June

Start: 87.5 kilos (192.5 lbs)
Last week: 86.2 kilos (189.5 lbs)
Today: 85 kilos (187 lbs)
Difference: - 1.2 kilos (2.5 lbs)
Total: -2.5 kilos (5.5 lbs)

I lost 1.2 kilos this week, which is good, but not as much as I was expecting given I have barely had any food or liquids in me for almost a week. I was kind of hoping that a positive from my tight band situation would be I would miraculously drop 2-3 kilos. I guess my body is holding onto everything it can get right now. Honestly though, I will just be happy if I maintain that loss after my band loosens up and I can re-hydrate my body again.

The good news is that my band is feeling slightly better. Last night I was able to eat some peanut butter (it was like heaven!) and suck on a slice of cheese. This morning I have had a cup of tea and my water is going down much better. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will be back to normal.

I am super excited that I am just a whisker away from being under 85 kilos again. Being on the wrong side of 85 did not make me feel good. I know I start feeling more like myself when I am under 80 kilos, so I am getting there. I can't believe I used to feel fat at 80 kilos, I swear I will never complain to be 80 kilos again! This weight gain was actually good in giving me some perspective.

On a different topic, I have decided I need to get serious about my vitamins (well, when I can swallow food again) because I am just too depleted all the time and it is exhausting. Realistically I will need a chewable vitamin because I just can't get those big suckers down and there is nothing worse than a vitamin stuck in the band. *shudder* Does anyone have any vitamin recommendations or warnings? The chewable ones in the chemist are mostly made for children and are just not very potent for what I need. I was thinking of trying some of the Bariatric Advantage or Celebrate Bariatric Supplements, has anyone tried these? Do you think they actually help?

Thanks for letting me pick your brain. You would think 3 years post-band I would know this stuff by now... 


  1. I'm glad you can get a bit down. Keep an eye on that. I know I need to take vitamins again. I used to take gummy vitamins made for adults made by vitafusion. They were good and easy to get down, not sure if you have them there.

  2. I am glad that you are feeling better and able to get a few things down. I hope it continues to relax for you! I also took the Adult Gummy Ones - they tasted ok, went down w/o a problem and seem to give me the hefty dose I needed. Good luck!

  3. I use Vitafusion Gummy Vitamins - I take the adult multivitamin, the B Complex vitamin and a fiber gummy. I am pretty tight right now and I manage to chew these down in the morning before anything else! It really helps with the energy issues (and the B Complex also helps with hair loss). Hope that helps!! xxxx

  4. I don't have a band but am TERRIBLE at taking pills etc - is there any way you could crush up a pill vitamin into a teaspoon of jam or honey or even peanut butter? That might be an easier way of doing it than hunting for gummy vitamins? Good luck :)

  5. Have you tried Floradix, it's a herbal liquid with some c and b vitamins and herbs in a liquid form. Delicious and you can also get one with iron. Most health food shops should stock it :)

  6. I take the bodytrim nutrashot as it is a liquid and gives me an extra glass of water per day. It's an ok flavour. Check out the band buddies website too for a chewable band vitamin that is perfect for us xoxo I hate seeing 85kgs too! It sucks!

  7. Did you get an appointment for an unfill yet?? Reading your last two posts, I'm really worried that you might damage your band or stomach, being so tight. I hope that you get in for an unfill soon!

  8. 2nd for floradix, it tastes pretty horrific but it's like a shot, you just need a tasty chaser and it'll be over with. i've got the sugar free version and picked it up from my local health/vitamin store in melbourne.

  9. just found your blog and i have to say your blog title brought both a chuckle and a sigh. if i had a dime for every time i've heard that i would be a gazillionaire!

    i'm getting my lap band this coming tuesday the 26th. i'm both scared and excited...

  10. I just checked those two out and they dont seem to ship to Aust yet...looks like Bariatric advantage will start in July.
    I get Vit D from
    They have 5000 IU in small easy to swallow tablets...have actually just emailed them to see if any of their other vits come in small easy to swallow sizes
    Also they are much cheaper than the aussie ones! And Ive found that the bandit ones here have small doses that are pretty much below a beneficial level.


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