Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bad Fill

I've had a few bad fills in my time, but this could be up there with the worst. On Saturday I had 0.3 mls put in my 10 ml band, taking me to 5.9 mls, which is a fill level I have been at before. On Saturday and Sunday I was getting blended soup and ice cream down pretty well. I could feel the restriction, but it didn't seem too tight at that point. Then Monday I woke up and could barely get my cup of tea down at midday. As the day went on I got tighter and tighter and by the time I went to bed I was vomitting up water.

Since then I have not been able to eat anything and I have struggled to get down any more than a glass of water each day. I take tiny sips and the water sits on top of my band for about 20 minutes and then slowly goes down.

I feel absolutely miserable and have had a constant headache all week, which is great when you sit in front of a computer under fluroscent lighting all day. I honestly can't even see straight half the time. Not to mention it feels like I have concrete shoes on because my legs are so heavy and tired. Yes I am probably being a tad dramatic.

I need to get an un-fill, but it has been impossible this week at work to take any time off. I am trying to get a time for Saturday, but I have an important construction meeting for my house to attend that I will actually be charged if don't attend. At this stage it is looking like Wednesday next week will be the first chance I have to make the trek out to the suburbs for an unfill. Who knows though, the band might settle between now and then and I'll be fine?

In the meantime, I can't read any food blogs or watch the food channel on TV, it is torture!!!

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  1. OMG, that sounds horrible! Please try to sip some protein drink if you can. I hope your band relaxes soon. I can't imagine how you must feel.

    Best of luck to you, and hang in there.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!