Wednesday, June 06, 2012

My Favourite Things

Picture me like Oprah dancing about on stage screaming about my favourite things. Except I had to pay for these products and I don't have any to give away. So this probably isn't quite as exciting... but bear with me because these products might just blow your mind like they did mine.

I have wanted to try these products for ages because I had read about them on other blogs or health articles but unfortunately they are all only sold at Woolworths here in Australia (in my area anyway) and I don't have a Woolworths that is teribly convenient so it has taken me ages to get hold of these products. They are all well worth the trip though!

Firstly is this Vitarium Sugar Free Hot Chocolate which has been a godsend on these cold winter nights. It has about 8 calories and 2 carbs per serve and it is creamy and delicious, honestly, you wouldn't know it was low sugar! It is so good that I always feel guilty after I drink it and have to remind myself this stuff is healthy and natural.

This product has BLOWN MY MIND. It is called Slim Pasta and it is pasta made from a vegetable called konjac. Sounds gross right? Wrong. I thought it was delicious when I made it topped with a bolognese sauce. The most exciting thing about this pasta is that it only has 8 calories and less than a gram of carbs per serve. See why my mind is blown now? I was able to eat a big bowl of it and get that nice heavy and full feeling that eating pasta gives you. Warning on this product though, I love it, but I have heard other people are not quite as fond of it as I am, but they are crazy...
They have some yummy looking recipes on thier website too!

Of course everyone has heard of Chobani, but we have only recently been blessed with this product in Australia. I bought myself one of each of the flavours my store had and I have found them all to be delicious. My favourite was probably the passionfruit, but why oh why must people put passionfruit seeds in food? I find it so off-putting. This yoghurt has about the normal fat, calorie and carb count of any yoghurt, but the difference is that it is extremely thick and creamy (yum) and is packed with protein. Each tub has 14-18 grams of protein, which is just amazing for us lap banders that need to work at getting our protein. These will definitely become a regular for me when I can afford it, at $1.99 per tub they are not something I can afford to eat every day.

So those are my current favourite things. Sorry if I sound like an advertorial! Let me know if you have tried any of them and what you think.


  1. Bugger bugger damn and blast... I have never seen any of them here in NZ. The pasta sounds FANTASTIC!!!!

  2. Slim pasta looks awesome!!! I will have to look for it in the UK! xx

  3. Where did you buy the slim pasta from, Tully? Is it just from Woolies or did you have to look somewhere more exotic? I'm intrigued!

    1. Sorry so late to reply to this comment! It is from the health section at Woolies, not exotic at all! :)

  4. Thanks for the product review :) I like the look of the choccie drink and it doesn't have aspartame either which is great. I'm surrounded by Woolie's so let me know if you ever you want me to get you anything - I can always bring it on our dates. The pasta sounds disgusting but I figure with a yummy bolognaise sauce to disguise it, it will taste yummo.

  5. I got some of that slim pasta today to try - here's hoping i like it!!!

  6. I wish I could get the top two in France! We have enough yogurts here, however, so I don't yearn for that.

  7. Thanks for the recommendations! I bought the Drinking chocolate yesterday at woolies but forgot to buy milk to put it in! I don't drink much milk so it completely slipped my mind. Oh well, I will try it out as soon as I pick some up.

  8. Chobani yoghurt is AMAZING! I love that it's so deliciously thick. I have the Greek with my muesli in the morning with a drizzle of honey.


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