Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hot and Bothered

Well it is stinking hot here in Melbourne.

Like most fat people, I don't take well to the heat. It is not fun for me to go to the beach or wear short skirts and sleeveless tops. Instead I try and avoid the sunlight and stay covered up so as not to offend anyone with my blubber.

Every year I tell myself that it will be my last 'fat summer', but here I am yet again, sweating like the proverbial pig.

I shouldn't complain too much because I work in an air conditioned office, but that 25 minute walk to and from work is a struggle. My cheeks go red really quickly and they stay that way for a couple of hours. It is not attractive. Then work colleagues have the gall to suggest that we should sit out in the park and have lunch. Are you freaking kidding, it is 38 degrees???

Everything feels more uncomfortable when you are fat AND hot. All I want to do is rip my bra off and get under a cold shower. Normally I have no interest in the weather, because it makes little difference to me as I have such a limited wardrobe that I tend to dress for what is clean and what fits, rather then what the weather is. This all changes in summer and I watch the weather religiously with my fingers crossed, hoping for a cool change or freak cold snap.

I wonder if I would like summer more if I was thin? I am not sure if I would. I just don't enjoy feeling hot and sweaty. I would really like to find out for sure though, so here is to next summer being thinner, cooler and much more fun!


  1. I have good news for you, Tully. The other day here in Auckland it was 25 degrees. In Australian terms, that is very mild, but in Auckland terms, 25 degrees is as hot as it gets. I had NO IDEA that it was 25 degrees; I was walking around with jeans and socks on.

    In the past, when it got to 17 degrees, I would be sweating profusely and cursing everyone that anyone that said, "I wish summer would hurry up!"

    I STILL prefer Winter to Summer by a long shot, but getting through Summer definitely gets easier when you have less 'natural insulation'.

    [you could always move to Auckland with me!]

  2. I am so jealous, it didn't get below 25 here all last night. It was a long hot night! The 38 today, thank god a bit of a cool change came through and it is back down to 25.

    Glad to hear that the it gets better with the more weight you lose, it gives me something to aim for!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!