Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It Has Been A Long Week (and it is only Wednesday!)

I have been hot, tired and grumpy all week. This has also meant that my resolve has been at an all time low. Thankfully I was able to recognise that eating fish and chips would only make me grumpier in the long run, so I have resisted, but it has been the longest three days of my life. Normally I am fine during the week, it is only Friday night and Saturday that I start to crumble.

Work has been tedious and dragging. Yesterday morning anyone sitting around me in the office would have heard me exclaim in a horrified manner:

"The clock says 10.30am, it can't be 10.30am! Seriously, it has to be later then that?!"

I haven't been sleeping enough and I am absolutely useless without my 8 hours (well actually I would prefer 9-10...). Every part of my body hurts, everything is difficult and I don't want to be around people. This resulted in me snapping at one of my bosses (yes, I am lucky enough to report to 8 different people) who made a comment that I took to be patronising. I am embarrassed to say that I threw out a:

"Yes, I did learn how to do that while I was doing my Masters at university"

It had the desired effect in that it shut my boss up, but I did feel like a mean arsehole afterwards. I am currently 'paying my dues' as an assistant and sometimes I am less then gracious about this.

Ok, I should go and try and get an early night so I don't turn into a complete bitch and get fired!

P.S. Being home alone is awesome, I can sit in front of the air con in a white singlet top that has baked beans stains on it from tea. Oh yeah, I am all class.

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