Friday, January 26, 2007

Somebdy Take This Food Away From Me!!!

I have fallen in a bit of a slump today. It is a public holiday here in Australia, so I have been home all day and nibbling a bit too much. I am feeling a bit down, so of course I reached for the chocolate, which is a sure fire why to make you feel worse!

My family was supposed to be visiting from the country over the weekend and I have spent over $200 on food and I have only just found out they are not coming anymore. The food I bought is not exactly healthy either. I made a killer full fat egg and bacon potato salad and a Greek salad with a pretty decadent dressing. Not to mention the 10 kilo's of meat marinating in my fridge. I wonder if can I freeze that meat now?

Of course I bought all my favourite foods too. I ate a whole container of creamy sweet chili dip today and I still have 4 other yummy dips in the fridge. Plus a cupboard full of chips, lollies and chocolates.

I don't know why I go so overboard. My family don't visit very often, so I got a bit excited with the food spending. I might have to try and give some of this food away because it is clear that I will eat the whole lot otherwise.

I must admit that I am kind of annoyed that I spent my whole day off today cleaning my house, grocery shopping and cooking. I guess it leaves the rest of my weekend for relaxing, let's just hope I don't spend it eating my way through all of this food as well...


  1. Invite some friends over for a meat-fest! Serve all the goodies so you're not tempted to eat them all yourself. Hey ... the house is probably clean since you were expecting company. Why not?

  2. Unfortunatey most people I know already have plans this weekend (because it is a long weekend), but I might see if my mum wants to come over (i was my dad and step mum who were supposed to come over) because she just broke up with her partner and is a bit depressed. Then I can also send all the left overs home with her!

    You are right about the house, it is very clean, so someone needs to see it before it gets messy again!

  3. I know that if I were in your situation, my friends probably wouldn't come over (food just isn't that exciting for them - HORROR!), so I'd be back to square one on that respect. The only people I know that could come over in a heartbeat is my friend Sarah-I and her fiancee, but there's only so much food they can go through.

    It'd be good if your Mum could come over, because like you said, you can send the left overs away with her! Mwhahhaah, genorosity AND control all in one swoop!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!