Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What Ever Happened To...

I'm a bit bored tonight, the Golden Globes just aren't cutting it entertainment wise. So I'm surfing the net and looking up weight loss blogs for inspiration. Generally I just start at one blog and kep following links from each blog until I don't even know where I started.

I was a bit disturbed to find that so many of the weight loss blogs I visited just end abruptly. One day they are happily blogging away, losing kilos, changing their lives and then it just stops. It makes me wonder what happened and why did they stop? It is sad to think of these people who were doing so well at changing their lives and that they might have lost their way.

On a self absorbed level, it makes me think about me and my weight loss journey. I feel scared that I could be blogging away, losing weight (not that I have lost any yet...) and then just drop the ball and never come back. God knows I have lost my way once or twice...

I think that it is just as important for me to write down my thoughts and experiences here, as it is to get up and do my exercise everyday. This blog is an essential weight loss tool for me and I am going to pledge to keep updating through thick and thin (sorry about the pun). So even if I fall into a hole and spend 5 weeks eating burgers and tim tams, I vow to still subject anyone reading this to my rantings.


  1. I worry about people who have just dropped away and never come back - I was worried that this was going to happen to one of my favourite bloggers, Holly at Fat Bitch - and it has happened to a blogger that I adore very much - The Chocolate Bunny. I'd prefer to think that they got sick of the blogging part rather than the weight loss itself, since I'd much prefer them to be happy and healthy.

    I guess the key thing is here to use the blog as a tool for honesty for YOURSELF. You need to put it down on the blog that you gained so much weight on such a week so that YOU can see it for yourself. I found that once I started blogging, I finally had brought myself out of denial.

    And if you do spend five weeks eating burgers and tim tams (which sounds like bliss, by the way!), I will be here reading!

  2. I wish I knew what happened to them too. I am glad I found your blog through Marshmallows link... Welcome to the world of blogging. I am looking forward to reading about lal your ups and downs on your weight loss journey... and dont go dissapearing on us anytime soon! :)


Awww thanks so much for the comment!