Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Warning: Bragging Ahead

Phew today has been a long day!

Work has been really busy and I had to work 8am-8pm today.

This would normally mean eating from the vending machine because "I deserve it, I am working hard" and "I need some sugar to get me through the day". Instead I snacked on my fruit and my vita wheats, to make sure I didn't ever get too hungry.

I also had a department lunch and I ordered the Thai Beef Stirfry with "as little oil as possible", though I don't think they really took much notice of that request...

Finally, I drank diet coke instead of wine with lunch. I didn't feel like wasting any of my calories on alcohol (plus I get pretty sleepy when I drink in the afternoons).

Sorry about all the bragging! I know it is a bit over the top, but I feel good that I made it through a tough challenge. In the past I would have eaten some creamy pasta for lunch, with a couple of glasses of wine and some chocolate in the afternoon and then finish it off with Maccas for a quick dinner.

I am trying to be as good (healthy) as possible this week because I have a 4 day long weekend this weekend and I have family coming to stay, so I am sure there will lot's of food and wine invloved. As it should be too!

Oh, by the way, I wore one of my new tops today and got 3 compliments!!! I swear I was walking a foot taller! :-)

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  1. I think it's bragging that you sometimes get to drink wine with lunch! I'm a teacher ... that's never going to be allowed for me. :( But I bet it would help me get through the last couple class periods of the day!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!